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Awesome Dependencies

This project stands on the shoulders of some amazing technologies.


For all its faults, React, and libraries like it, have somehow simultaneously made web-development a more formalized and enjoyable process. Hooks, Suspense, MDX? It's a wonderful landscape.


Where React made DOM related development, ThreeJS (and frameworks like BabylonJS) bring a similar value to the world of WebGL. Just look at their website!

@react-three/fiber & @react-three/drei#

Holy crap! These two combine the previous two into perhaps the most creativity-inspiring easy-to-use wonder since p5.js. Being able to create WebGL scenes declaratively with React is just mind-blowing. There's also a whole ecosystem around r3f, check it out:


State-management in React can be confusing, finicky, labour-intensive or any combination of the three. But I'm not gonna lie, I stuck MobX's observerable on react-ecs' Facets and it just worked. It was like 10 lines of code!


One day, react-ecs may move onto its own ECS implementation; but currently it's based on tick-knock. There are a lot of really quality ECS implementations out there for JS/TS. While tick-knock is not the fastest or most data-oriented one out there, it does have an excellent type-safe API which is great for react-ecs' own API.


In the creation of this project, many repository/project management thingies were tried. None of them stack up to the conceptually easy, and infinitely extendable system the people at have come up with. While it was by no stretch a completely painless journey, it was far more straightforward than every other solution tried. If you're looking to make your monorepos great again, check out NX.


Yoooooo. This project is a straight chef's kiss. While NextJS, Gatsby, React Static we're tried for this site, as soon as Docusaurus was tried, everything you see just fell out of it. The Facebook people have nailed it on this one. The documentation is great, the actual software is great, there's nice plugins. Just use it.

And these are just our major direct dependencies!

Thanks to all the authors and contributors of these great open source projects.#